About Abuse & Abusers

Abuse and It's Realities

Truths About Abusers

Personality Disorders

Forgiveness Without Enabling

Discerning Genuine Repentance


Psychological Abuse (=Emotional/Mental Abuse)

Definitions, prevalence, characteristics of abusers, effects, prevention, popular perceptions

Emotional abuse in the faith-based context

Emotional Abuse 101


Spiritual Abuse

Learn about spiritual abuse

When Religion Hurts

Abuse in Faith-Based Communities: An Expert Panel Discussion 


Sexual Harassment/Abuse

Clarity on Sexual Abuse

The Broken Image: Sexual Abuse

Two Survivor Stories of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Anxiety & Depression as a Result of Sexual Abuse


Domestic Abuse

Domestic Violence 101

Patterns of Abuse

Domestic Abuse, Sexual Violence & Subtance Abuse Information

Internet Safety For Women


Abuse in Faith-Based Settings

Article: 'Simon Says: "You Can Prevent Clergy Sexual Abuse"

Article: 'Pastors Who Prey'

Article: 'Loving One Another in Purity'

Article: 'Ye Are My Whistleblowers'

Abuse in Faith-Based Communities

Abuse in Faith-Based Communities: An Expert Panel Discussion 



The Sociopath Next Door

The Body Keeps The Score

The Narcissistic Family 

Is it Me? Making Sense of Your Confusing Marriage




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